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At Intense Rezultz we offer a wide selection of technology services for businesses and individuals. If you don't see it listed on our services menu, don't let that slow you down. Please contact us to discuss your project to see what we can do for you.

Computer Repair and Service

Common Services include (but are not limited to):

Computer Diagnostics
We check your computer for issues you may have, and help you prevent major repair or data loss. We have specialized hardware testing tools that help us do in depth diagnostic testing on each component, should your computer need it.

Drop Off Service starting at:


On Location
starting at:


Operating System Recovery
We reinstall your original factory software or operating system of your choice. (Operating system with active license key must be provided) We also will download and install critical (Operating System Only) updates your computer will need. Upgrade your existing operating system for only $70.00. We strongly recommend you bundle an optimization to get the most out of your computer right away. The optimization also includes additional software and hardware updates as well.

Computer Optimization and Basic Cleaning
We make sure your computer is running efficiently utilizing all areas of your computers performance. We also clean your computer of temporary files and your browsing history. While done in our office, this service also includes additional hardware and software updates your computer may need.

Hardware Component Installation
Installation of computer hardware including memory, hard drives, optical drives and video cards.


Virus and Spyware Removal
Removal of harmful viruses and spyware that could be impacting your performance or risking your privacy.

starting at $70

Data Retrieval and Backup
Back-up your data to disks, or external hard drive. We know how important your pictures, music and documents can be to you, so we make sure we get everything your looking for.

$10 per Gigabyte ($60 Minimum)
Unlimited for $160

Wireless Networking Setup
We can get your home network up and running reliably in no time! Our professional installation includes wireless internet (broadband only) sharing, file sharing, and more between multiple computers and devices. (Equipment is not included in pricing)
*You will need a wireless router and a wireless adapter for each computer you plan to use wirelessly.

1 Computer
2 Computers
3 Computers
4 Computers
Each additional

*Due to time consumption or specialized tools being used, not all services may be done in home. All pricing is subject to additional costs. All prices are estimates based on average labor time and are subject to change without notice.

Digital Photography and Video Production

We provide photography for a wide range of events including drag racing, personal portraits, engagement pictures, weddings and more. Select events we also provide professional on site printing up to 13 x 19 in. We can provide everything you need to preserve your event or provide promotional materials for upcoming events.

Graphic Art and Photo Restoration

Whether your looking for a new look or just want to improve your current one we can make your business or event stand out from the crowd. You supply the event details and we will make sure you get the exposure you need to be a success. We can also digitally restore most old photographs or videotapes.