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Christen Brothers Service and Intense Rezultz are proud to bring you Day at the Drags; a fast paced weekend at the drag strip, where you can see vehicles fly down the 1/4 mile in as fast as 7 seconds, and also see stock daily drivers!

Every year, there is a huge turnout of race enthusiasts and car collectors from southern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. Day at the Drags is one of the largest and most popular event that Christen Brothers Service sponsors. With over 15 Years of experience with the drag racing event, it has gained a lot of interest over the years.

Intense Rezultz provides the official track photography for this event, and has an archive of pictures dating back to the 2005 event. All pictures taken are professional grade, which allows us to print a stunning portrait up to 13x19 right at the track. However, if you miss us at the track, we can hand deliver or mail your print directly to the location of your choice.

We appreciate all your support, and hope to see you year after year as we continue to improve our program.

For more information on Christen Brothers Service, visit their website at: